• Coaching Session Duration - 90 Minutes


  • Coaching session preparation form

  • Time To Think

  • Extracting Your Ideas

  • Problem Solving

  • Developing Leadership

  • My clients  sometimes comment that they arrive at the coaching session, stressed and overwhelmed about a ‘calamity’ that’s going on with their business or in their life – but they leave the session with energy - feeling refreshed. The sessions give you an opportunity to step back from the ‘drama’ which means you’ll be able to look at it from a different perspective; feel less stress and leave the sessions feeling more resourceful.

  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

  • Confidential conversations

    Many of my clients don’t have anyone that they can talk to confidentially about the challenges that they face and the ideas they have for the future. I’m independent to your business and I have many years’ experience owning and running a business which means you’ll be able to talk to me freely and in confidence.


    The coaching programme is covered by a coaching agreement, with confidentiality underpinning everything I do. I subscribe to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics (details of which are available upon request).

  • Developing Strategy & Direction

    The coaching sessions can be used to create a strategy and direction for you and your business. Together we’ll focus on the desired outcomes you want and we’ll ‘brain-storm’ solutions to achieve them. I’ll help you to clarify goals and actions so that you’ll be able to create and implement a strategy to take you in the direction that you want to go.

  • I'm Your Sounding Board

What My Clients Say

Here are testimonials from some of my clients:

Karen Anfield

3X Software Ltd

"I was a bit sceptical when I started Business Coaching. But now I am so pleased I did! Kev managed to bring out the business skills I had forgotten I had and gave me the confidence to tackle some issues I knew I had to address but had put off.


Our conversations allow me to bounce off ideas that I couldn’t digest during the normal working day and gave me food for thought. After each session I felt refreshed and ready to take on whatever was thrown at me.


He has a knack of asking questions that he knows you have the answers to if you dig deep enough and encourages you to find them and to believe in yourself."

Shelly Barratt

Coya Marketing

"Being coached by Kev has given me the opportunity to unashamedly think just about myself and the future and to get clarity about my own business development without feeling time-pressured.


It’s lonely at the top: I don’t have anyone to talk to about decisions affecting my businesses. No-one should be an island. I was an island before Kev.


Coaching is unlocking my blocks. Having the experience of someone else who is in business and speaking through solutions has been very beneficial to me.


Coming up with a list of achievable goals to deliver and knowing you need to deliver them is what I wanted out of the coach - and is what I am getting."

Alan Cheung

Costain Group plc

"Over the last 6 months Kevin has worked with me as my Executive Coach, during this time he has coached me through a number of key areas.


As a coach, he is very calm, knowledgeable and most importantly insightful, he has a great ability to ask the right question or use the right intervention just at the right moment.


Working with Kevin has been a very reinforcing and positive experience, where he has afforded me the time and space to allow me to work through the areas I brought to each session in a creative and supportive manner.


Kevin is a very natural Coach and I would highly recommend him."